I was born in Mercy Hospital, Muskegon, Michigan on a cold winter night on December 8, 1928. My father worked very hard to support our family during a terrible time in the States. The depression lasted until World War II in 1943. Even though our family was poor we had good providers in my father and mother. We were six children and we all had a good education. My three brothers and sister were all enrolled in the Armed Services. I went to High School and University to Notre Dame University and four years of theology in Washington, D.C. at the Foreign Mission Seminary where we were taught theology as well as four years of Bengali, Islam and Hindu Religions. We studied Indian literature, religions and history in preparation for our work in Bengal. India and Pakistan were our Holy Cross Mission since 1853.
I was assigned to Golla Mission in Nowabganj P.S. after another year of Bengali under Abdul Hamid of Notre Dame College. After three years in a Bengali Parish I was assigned to work with the Garo Tribe in Haluaghat, Mymensingh and finally in Jalchatra in Tangail. The Madhupur Jungle was a Hindu Jungle under the Raja of Natore. There were only 2500 Catholic Garos in many villages when I went to Jalchatra in 1959. The health and educational level was very poor and many left for the sanctuary of India because of continual persecution by the Forest Department and Pakistan Government. I was trained in Integal Human Development in the Cody Institute in Canada, University of Wisconson in Credit Unions, Tropical Horticulture in the University of Florida and Tropical Agriculture in Baldwin College in Georgia, USA.
Teachers’ Training for Primary Teachers and gradually for Jalchatra and Pirgacha High School Teachers along with Human Development with toilets, shoes for hookworm, crop diversification, fish tanks for protein, etc. made for a healthy population. The war against India in 1964 and against Pakistan in 1971 saw many going to India for safety. Continual corruption by the Forest Department and government drove many to the sanctuary of India. The Mandis took their education and faith to the sanctuary of India.
In 1992 because of the huge Catholic population the Bishop of Mymensingh decided to split Jalchatra Mission and I founded Pirgacha. Again education and human development were our priorities. The terrible corruption of the Forest Department has destroyed a beautiful forest along with flora and fauna rare in the world. Every year we plant trees and sell seeds for cultivation. Eighty-five percent education has produced a healthy, educated Garo society. Because of the peaceful and hard working people our people are getting good jobs. Computer and development section in Pirgacha High School are insuring jobs in industry. The Garo society is producing loyal, hard working citizens for the country. My role with the liberation movement in 1971 along with the Muktis is well known in the area among the people. May God continue to bless this beautiful country.
Rev. Eugene E. Homrich, CSC
St. Paul’s Church
P.O. Pirgacha; Dt. Tangail

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